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Closing the lid makes your laptop standby/sleep?

Closing the lid makes your laptop standby/sleep?

So what exactly is this article about? Well it has surely happened to you to. You were listening to some music, downloading some movies, then you close your laptop lid and everything goes silent and black. Then you realize that your computer has turned off.
You burst into flames and wait for the computer to start again.

What can you do to avoid this kind of accidents? Well, you can change the options for the time you close the lid. (The following instructions are for Windows XP and Vista)

Windows Vista

So, click on the Start button in the lower left and then choose Control Panel (see the image from the left). Search for Power Options and then click on it (see the image from the right).

After the Power Options windows has opened, you will find a link in the upper left part name “Choose what closing the lid does” (see the image below).

Now you will need to change the options from the On battery and Plugged in columns. From the When I close the lid select Do nothing from the columns (see the image below).

Windows XP

Click on the Start button and the choose Control Panel (see left image). Then find Power Options menu and double click on it (see right image).

Now you need to select Do nothing from the drop-down menu and then click on OK (see the image bellow).

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