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How to turn on your microphone on Windows Vista / 7 and XP

How to turn on your microphone on Windows Vista / 7 and XP

Here is a nice site where you can test your microphone. It’s the site of the project ChangeMakers. Click on the pinwheel bellow to go to the site.
After you set the mic, Refresh the site and click on Allow when you will be asked to turn on the mic.

Windows Vista / Windows 7

To turn on the mic on Windows Vista / 7, just right click on the speaker near the clock, in the lower right corner and then choose Recording Devices (see the left image bellow). A window will appear and you will see a list with the microphones connected to your computer. If you can’t see any microphones, then you do not have any connected or turned on. To see the disabled mics, right click in the blank list and choose Show Disabled Devices (right image bellow).

Now, after your mic has appeared in the list (left image), right click on it (on the disabled mic, not on the one that says Not Plugged In) and then select Enable from the menu.

If you activated your mic, you will see underneath it the Working status, like in the image below. Click on OK to save the settings.

Windows XP

Double click on the Volume icon in the lower right corner (number 1). You will open the Master Volume windows. The click on Options (number 2) and then choose Properties.

It will open a Properties window (left image). Choose from the Mixer Device drop-down menu the name of the Audio card (number 1 – left image), and then check Mic Volume (number 2 -left image). Click on OK. From the Recording Control window (right image), check the box underneath Mic Volume (number one – right image), and then make sure that the volume is on medium (number 2 – right image). Close the window.

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