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Find out the MAC adress of your network card

Find out the MAC adress of your network card

Media Access Control Address, or short MAC, is a unique identification code of your network devices.

This code is set by the manufacturer of the device. The MAC address can interfere when you are trying to connect to a PC network.

The network administrator will ask for your MAC in order to allow you network access.

To find out what your MAC address is click on Start and then on Run. Now type cmd in the field and then Enter or you can click on OK (see the image below).

The Command Prompt window will appear on the screen (like the one below). The type ipconfig  /all and press Enter.

All the network cards will be displayed on the list. Scroll down until you find the Wireless LAN adapter and the MAC address is the Physical Address.

Physical Address .  .  .  .  .  .  . 58-16-44-AA-58-EE in the example above.

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