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How to convert a CD Audio to Mp3 files

How to convert a CD Audio to Mp3 files


You need two applications:

A application to copy files from the CD and another to turn them into MP3.



Audiograbber Settings

1. Open the Settings (1 – picture above) and choose the folder where you want to save the mp3 files. (First field in the Settings, click Browse, select the folder and click Ok in bottom right)

2. Mp3 Settings (2 – picture above), MP3 file via intermediate wav file. Delete the wav file (1 – picture below), check the External Encoder (2 – picture below). Now click on Browse (3 – shown below) and choose lame.exe from c: \ Program Files \ Lame \ exe (everything should look as shown below). Click on OK (bottom right). Make sure MP3 is checked (it is a little check box on the settings icon in the corner (2 – picture above))

3. Now enter the name of the artist and the album name. (3 – the first image in the article).

4. Click on Grab (4- the first image in the article).

Wait for each file to be extracted. You’ll find all the MP3s in the directory specified in the Settings. Now lame.exe will convert all the mp3 tracks (a black window will open for each file).

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