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Making a wireless network between two computers

Making a wireless network between two computers

This wireless network type is called an AD-HOC network and it’s a very useful way you can transfer files between two computers, play LAN games or share your internet connection with other computers.

The next tutorial is for Windows Vista computers, but the same settings apply to Windows 7 computers:

So, go to Control Panel and open Network and Sharing Center. On the left column click on Set up a connection or network (see the image below).

From the list, choose Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network (see the image below).

On the next screen click on Next (the page with the description). Then you will be asked to name the network (number 1 on the image below), set a password (number 2 on the image below), and if you want to save the network for future use, then check the Save this network check box (number 3 in the image below).

Note: If the second computer is running Windows XP or another operating system, choose WEP and not WPA2-Personal on the Security type drop-down menu, because your network may not be found by this computer.

Now your ready! Your network is configured and it’s waiting the other user to connect to it. The connection can be found in the Wireless networks window.

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