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There’s a simple and fast method to download your favorite images from the internet. You can save them directly on your computer or post them directly on your site/blog.


  1. Browse a website.
  2. Let the entire page load.
  3. Choose the image that you want to download.
  4. Move the mouse cursor on the image.
  5. PC users will need to right-click the image. MAC users will need to hold down the left click until a menu pops up.
  6. Choose Save picture as if you are using Internet Explorer or Save image as if you are using Netscape.
  7. Select the name from the File name box and type a name for the image.
  8. Click on the arrow from the right of the Save as type box.
  9. Select an image format.
  10. Click once the folder where you want to save the image.
  11. Click on the Save or Open button.


  • you should be able to download images from any site, but there may be some that are protected by copyright laws and you cannot save them.
  • if the image is thumbnail (small in size), click on it to see it in full size and then save it.
  • if you want to send the image by email, then save it as a .jpeg file on your hard disk, because this file format is very small in size and you can upload it faster.
  • most sites will tell you not to download their images for commercial use.
  • if you want to post images on your site/blog, you may need to link the image to the original site. But first, ask the owner for his permission.
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