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Finding subtitles for your favorite movies

Finding subtitles for your favorite movies


Question: How can I find the right subtitles for my favorite movies?


  1. Open
  2. Right click on your movie and choose Rename from the menu.
  3. Then copy the title of the movie, but not the extension.
    Example: If your movie is Batman.
    .avi then just copy the name (in green), without the .avi extension.
  4. Now, paste the name in the Google search field and and after the name write .srt or .sub (these are the two most common extensions for subtitles).
  5. Search on the found websites and download the files.
  6. Then copy the subtitle file in the same folder as the movie and make sure that they have the same name, but with different extensions.

Here are some popular sites for subtitles:

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