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How to change the name of a wireless network

How to change the name of a wireless network


The first time you created your wireless network, you gave it a name. If not, then it took a default name so that it could be identified. You should know that you can change that name.


  1. Find the IP address of the router. It must be a number like this one:
  2. Open your favorite browser.
  3. Copy the IP address of the router in the address bar of your browser and press Enter. You will see the settings window of your router.
  4. Type the necessary information for the log in. Usually the default user is admin and the password if the one you’ve typed the first time.
  5. Now access the Wireless menu.
  6. Type the new name in the Wireless Network Name field. It can also be named SID, meaning Service Set Identifier. Now your network has a new name.


  • If you can’t find the IP address of your router, you can do the following thing, using your computer. Go to Start>Run and type cmd. Now type route print and press Enter. Under the column Gateway you will be able to see the IP.
  • The network needs to be secure to block other users from connecting to it.
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