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How to use in a safe way

How to use in a safe way


What is is another social network.

It’s designed to allow people share thoughts and interests, and encourages them to be creative.

Why use

Social networks allow you to communicate with your friends and meet new people with whom you can share your ideas.

You can find people who live in your area and eventually meet them. Also you can find people who share the same interests in music, movies, who have the same hobbies, etc.

What can you do on

You can use for different reasons. You can create a blog-like page; many users use the site as a forumĀ  to discuss different things.

Why should parents care about?

Why parents should show some interest for this site is because children usually offer too much information about them, like their full name, address, school, date of birth, phone number, etc. This is a general problem and it applies to other social networks, not just for This information can be dangerous to share.

What happens behind closed doors?

Some people use to start a manifest and share some problematic ideas about the world.

Child-parent communication has always been a problem. Children can lie on forums that they smoke, take drugs, thus creating debates.

Why does do?

The site owners are aware about the things that can happen by letting underage persons to access the site. has taken some rough measures to protect users. Members need to be at least 14 years old to create a profile. These profiles are further restricted so that only their friends can view them or other people under 18.

Unfortunately, they can lie about their age.

What parents can do

Parents should talk to their children. Children become mavericks when they are in search of their own identity, but still they care about their parent’s opinions.

Parent should know their children interests. They need to know where their children go, with whom they are friends. They need to try to talk about the dangers of social networks.

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