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Show system files

Show system files

You cannot see the hidden files and folders by changing some settings in Windows. Open My Computer or Computer in Vista/7.

Now press Alt+T on your keyboard or open the Tools menu and then choose Folder Options (in Windows Vista/7 the Tools menu is hidden so you will need to use the keyboard shortcut) (see the image below).

You can also access the Folder Options from Control Panel (1 on the image below), and if the view on the Control Panel is set on Control Panel Home then click on Classic View (A from the image below).

From the Folder Options window select the View tab (2 on the image above).

Displaying file extensions

Click on Hide extensions for known file types (3 on the image above) and then OK (5 on the image above).

Displaying hidden files and folders

Select Show hidden files and folders (2 on the image above) and the click OK.

Displaying protected files from your operating system and files with the system attribute

Click on Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) (4 on the image above) and then click on OK.

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