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How to create an Yahoo Mail account

How to create an Yahoo Mail account


Yahoo Mail is the most popular email service on the internet. You can create yourself an account very easy and fast.



  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Sign-up link from the upper part of the page.
  3. Type your name and other information.

Choosing a user name and a password

  1. Choose a user name easy to remember. You can use numbers and letters.
  2. Click on Check Availability of this ID to see if the user name you’ve chosen is available. If it’s not, then you can choose another name or you can consider the alternatives offered by Yahoo.
  3. The password also needs to be easily remembered, but hard to break. It’s best to be larger than 6 characters and should contain numbers and letters both. Remember that these characters are case-sensitive (if they are written with Caps then they will be remembered this way). You will need to type the password again to make sure you’ve typed it correctly.

Security and registration information

  1. Select a question from the drop-down menu. This will be your security question. Yahoo will ask you this question in case you forgot the password.
  2. Type the answer to the question.
  3. Insert your birth date, postal code and other requested information. It’s not necessary to type an alternative email address, but this will help you get all your account’s information if your account has been blocked.
  4. Type the letters and numbers from the image to finish the registration.
  5. Read the terms of service.
  6. Click on I agree and then the registration is complete.


  • be careful to type correctly. You don’t need to make any mistakes.
  • do not post the account’s information on other sites. Yahoo’s servers are very powerful but this doesn’t guarantee the safety of your account.
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