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Find out who kicked you from their friends list on Facebook

Find out who kicked you from their friends list on Facebook


You’ve noticed that your friends list is getting smaller? They are too many and you do not know who deleted you from their list? Here’s how you can find out.


  1. Log in on your Facebook account.
  2. Click on Friends from the upper menu.
  3. Click on Create New List.
  4. Browse down the page. To select all of your friends keep the left mouse button pressed on the white space and then go up the page. Press Ctrl+C or right click and choose Copy.
  5. Open your favorite text editor and paste the content. This will be your reference friends list. You can add more friends on the text file after you add them on Facebook.
  6. When you notice that someone deleted you from their friends list,  compare the two lists.


  • you need to have a reference list.
  • your favorite web pages also appear in your list but they are not on your friends list. So if the number modifies, it’s maybe because of them.
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