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You can save time and money by buying books online. You should find almost every book on the internet, even those that are not printed anymore.


  1. Type the word “books” in your favorite search engine, like Yahoo! or Google.
    You can be more specific and search by the name of the book and the author.
  2. Search by year, author, name of the book, type, etc.
  3. Read some book critics, comments from earlier buyers.
  4. Choose the desired edition (for example – hard cover edition).
  5. Compare the online and library prices. Usually the books bought online are a lot cheaper.
  6. Pay attention to the total costs.
  7. Click on the book to add it to the shopping cart, or click on theĀ  Add to shopping cart button.
  8. Continue searching until you find the desired book.
  9. After you have finished shopping, choose the desired payment method and the delivery information.
  10. Send the order.


  • most sites can also have audio book or e-book readers, music, movies, toys, games, etc.
  • if you register on these sites, they will recommend you other products that can be of some interest to you.
  • read the return and guarantee policies.
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