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How to start an online magazine

How to start an online magazine


Although an online magazine won’t cost you as much as a printed one (glossy colors are very expensive), it’s still a risky “investment”. Don’t have high expectations.


  1. Know your subject.
    It’s a lot easier to assure the quality of your article contributions if you know how to analyze them.
  2. Find sponsors. Even if you will have a slow start, to transform the magazine into a real project, you will need money: for articles, magazine design, site, also for hosting and maintenance. If you want to make a successful business out of the magazine, then you should also invest in marketing; you will need to pay the phone bills, pay for the market research, salaries, legal support.
  3. Work with other people if you want to be successful. Talk to your partners about financial and practical details.
  4. Think how to make profit. This can mean attracting advertising, or maybe the users will need to pay a tax to read the magazine.
  5. Decide on the publication period. Regular publications will make the users come visit your site again.
  6. Decide what kind of publication rights will you buy from your partners.
  7. Hire a web designer or make your own website.
  8. Learn how to maintain your own site or hire someone to do this.
  9. Start gathering materials for your first magazine.
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