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Full processing speed on battery

Full processing speed on battery

Perhaps it has happened to you that when you unplug your laptop from a socket, the processing speed drops significantly. Your web pages load slower, the music start even slower, and your whole system seems to work slower. Your games will not work at all.

This “problem” is present with most modern laptops with powerful processors. Once they are unplugged the power is drawn from the battery. Because your battery has a certain capacity that needs to be used reasonably, there are a few settings that change automatically.

The processor start working slower to save power. The wireless card doesn’t have the same range. The display changes the brightness to use less power.

It’s very simple to change back to full processing speed, but be careful as the power is used 25-30% faster.

Windows 7 and Vista settings

Click one on the battery icon in the lower right corner (see the image below) and choose High Performance.

Windows XP

Click once on the Power Options icon (see the image below) and then click on Always On.

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