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Delete any file in the computer

Delete any file in the computer

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One of the most annoying messages that you can receive from your antivirus is that it can’t delete the infected file. But why? Isn’t that the role of an antivirus, to detect the problem and solve it, even by deleting the file? Anyway…

So you take the matter into your own hands and decide to delete the files manually. You find the file, click on it and then you press Shift+Delete.

Then a window appears and it says “The file is in use” (probably the antivirus is using it).

Follow the next instructions if you want to delete this kind of files. As an example, I’ll start my Winamp and I will play an audio file. If i try to delete this files, it won’t work, so I will use a program named

Let’s start with the installation process of

So to delete a file that cannot be deleted because it says it’s in use by a program, right click on it and select Unlocker from the menu (see the previous image). A window will be displayed on the screen. This will tell you what program is using the file. Choose the Delete option from the drop down menu, and then click on Unlock All (see the image below).

It may happen that the window will not appear. This is because the file may not be used by another application. You will see another window (see the image below).

Also choose Delete and then click on OK. You’ve just deleted the file!

The program that was using the file may not even notice the change, because it relies on the operating system to not permit such actions.

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