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Repairing your laptop keyboard

Repairing your laptop keyboard

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Your keyboard isn’t working as it should be? Well maybe you have a broken key. Well tell you how to repair a broken key and especially clean your laptop keyboard.

Over time dust will build up under your keyboard, and this is the good news.

Sometimes you may drip some water or food. You will need to clean that mess or else you risk some keyboard malfunction and even worse. Follow the next 3 steps in order to clean your keyboard:

1. Remove the key

To clean the space under a key, you will need to remove it. To do this you will need to slip something under the upper corner of the key and carefully pull towards you (see the image below).

2. Now, with the key removed, easily slip with something thin, the white piece of plastic underneath the key. Be careful with it because you do not want to remove it. The space between it and the laptop should be of 2 mm maximum (see the image below). Then blow the dust underneath it.

Be careful not to damage the black rubber in the middle. If you removed it by accident, then when you put the key back, make sure it’s center aligned.

3. Next you will need to put the key back. Place the key on it’s place. It should be aligned with the black rubber, and then press on it until you hear a click. If it didn’t got attached, then press on it again (see the image below).

Enter or Space keys will have a metallic support because of their size. These supports will need to be fixed in some special places.

To fix these keys you will need to pay some little more attention to the metallic support.

If you decide to clean the entire keyboard, then you should take a picture of it to make sure that all the keys are on their own position.

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