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How to use less energy

How to use less energy


If you start adding the numbers, you will see that at the end of the year the costs with electricity can be reduced. But how can you do this, save money on electricity and also protect the environment. Well, follow the next steps and you will see some improvements.

  1. Turn off your peripherals when you are not using them: printing machines, scanners, etc.
  2. If you want some silence, don’t mute the speakers, turn them off !
  3. Turn off the bluetooth and wireless if you’re not using them.
  4. Deactivate your screensaver and set your computer to turn off the monitor when you are not using it. Even if the screensaver is completely black, it still uses power, the screen is ON.
  5. When you are leaving your computer, turn the screen off, or close the lid (if your laptop enters the Standby mode, then
  6. If you have two or more optical units and you’re not using them all, then leave just one.
  7. Do not let your computer on when you are not using it: during the night, when you are away from home. It’s also available for your computer at work.
  8. Buy an extension cord for your socket and plug in all your devices. This way you can turn off the extension cord or unplug it when you are not using your computer, This way you will be saving even more energy.

Now let’s talk a little about gaming consoles, Wii, PlayStation 2,3 and XBOX.

After you play with them, unplug them from the socket. It’s a serious issue as all gaming consoles in the United States use as much energy in a year as the city of San Diego (analysis made by the Natural Resources Defence Coucil).

And turn off your lights when you are away from home!

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