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How to transfer music to your MP3 player

How to transfer music to your MP3 player


A MP3 player allows you at any time to listen to your favorite music. Portability and the amount of music that you can put on an MP3 player is one of its most important attributes. Even if not all operate the same way the method to upload music to your device is the same.

Transferring music to a MP3 player

  1. Connect the MP3 player to your computer. Some can connect directly through USB ports or a specific USB connector that you get with the MP3 player.
  2. Open the folder containing the music you want to transfer to your MP3 player.
  3. Find your favorite song and right click on its title. When the menu appears with options, click on the Send To and then select the MP3 player. The name of the device in the menu is the device brand name or Removable Device.
  4. Continue the process until you have transferred all the songs you want onto your MP3 player or select multiple files at once.

Transferring music with Windows Media Player

  1. If you have a big list of songs, it is advisable to transfer them through Windows Media Player.
  2. Click on Sync Music.
  3. Select and drag all the songs you want from the Windows Media Library onto Sync Music column to create a playlist.
  4. Click on Begin Sync when you have finished your playlist. This will transfer the songs from the playlist to the MP3 music player.
  5. Disconnect the player after you’ve transferred all the songs. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon located in the bottom right of your desktop.
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