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Filter spam messages

Filter spam messages


Every email service provider has filters for blocking spam emails. But unfortunately not all of them are blocked and some of them end up in your email inbox. If you use Outlook Express for reading your emails, here’s how you can configure it to filter your spam emails.


  1. Search for a spam mail. Click on Message and then click on Create rule from message.
  2. Select Local Folder. Click on File>New>New Folder. Name the folder Spam, for example.
  3. Select the conditions for the new rule. Select Where the Subject line contains specific words to filter mails by certain words, like winner, prize, lottery, win, free offers, etc. Type the words and then click on OK.
  4. Select the actions for the new rule. Select Move it to the specified folder and select the Spam folder, or the folder you have just created. You can choose Delete it and Do not download it from the server. Click on OK.
  5. Repeat the first 4 steps to create a new rule. Access Tools>Message Rules>Mail.
  6. You can also block a certain sender. Select an email from that sender and then click on Message and choose Block Sender.
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