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Filtering your emails

Filtering your emails


I don’t know about you but most of the time my inbox is choked by emails, and most of them are spam or commercials. You should know that these spam emails can represent a problem. They can distract your from your important tasks and also fill your inbox with unnecessary messages.


  1. To get rid of some unwanted emails you can talk to your internet provider. Your provider doesn’t want this kind of messages on its servers either, because they overcharge them. He can filter these messages for you.
  2. Try not to keep your email address visible to everyone in chat rooms and provide it only to trusted sites.
  3. Never post your email address on news websites, comments, etc.
  4. Send a complaint to the internet provider of those who send you spam messages, if you can find out who is that company. Most of the times you can find out the provider from the header of the email or from the return address.
  5. Be careful when you are choosing a free internet provider or a free email service, because these allow sponsors to send you commercial messages.
  6. If your email provider does not have any spam filters, then you can search for third-party filters. Most of these applications are free and easy to install.
  7. Invest in anti-spam applications like CYBERSitter or Spamkill, or make a search for “free anti-spam applications” on your search engine.

Most email providers do provide email filter options. Use the instructions provided by them and activate these filters

Never reply to spam messages, only if there is an Unscribe link in their email content. If you reply  then they will know that the address is valid.

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