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City map

City map


Google Maps it’s an online application provided and developed by Google; it’s free and it contains orientation services, like Google Maps, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit and user maps. You can plan your route with the help of the street maps. You can calculate the time of the route by foot, car, bus, etc.

It also offers popular locations from different city areas. As Lars Rassmusen (one of the Google Maps creators) once said, this service represents global information organized in a geographical way.

Google Earth is another Google application very closely related to Google Maps. This offers a global view of the Earth from the satellite, including oceans, poles, and unknown areas. It works on every operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, SymbianOS and iOS.

Satellite view

Google Maps offers a lot of quality images from areas like Canada, Great Britain, USA (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, etc.) and also Australia, Romania and many other countries. Google Maps covers most cities where English is spoken. It is an application meant to cover the Earth and not only for the English speaking people. Images with the highest resolution can be seen in cities like Tokyo.

A lot of governments have complained that the images from Google Maps can be used by terrorists to plan attacks. Many areas from the USA have been censored for security reasons, areas like the White House, USA Naval Observatory, etc. Other well known areas like Area 51 are visible. Not all images are of high quality and resolution. Usually, unpopulated areas have poor quality.

With the introduction of Google Maps, the global request for satellite images has increased significantly. From November 2008, the USA National Meteorology Service uses Google Earth to make broadcasts.


Like any other application, Google Maps uses JavaScript technology a lot. While the user browses the maps, images from the server areĀ  downloaded to complete the map. You can also mark favorite areas with pins.

There is also an application meant to remember the browsing history. The service is named JSON and it’s used instead of XML, for performance reasons.

The geographic information system is provided by Tele Atlas annually.

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