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Listen to radio online

Listen to radio online


More and more radio stations are using RealAudio or some other similar technologies to broadcast their own music on the internet. To listen to radio online you will need an audio card (you surely have one), the RealPlayer or WinAMP applications, and a decent internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the USA and you want to listen to some radio station in France.


  1. Download the RealPlayer program from the RealAudio site. Almost every radio station uses it.
  2. Check if the desired radio has a website. If they do, then search for a link for online broadcasting.
  3. If you want to listen only to news then you can search on Google or Yahoo! for their official site.
  4. Search for the Passport to Web Radio book in a local library for a complete guide to all radio stations around the world.
  5. You can also search on Yahoo! and on the RealAudio website for a list of radio stations by location, including those that only broadcast on the internet.
  6. Check for new sites. If your site doesn’t broadcast on the internet, it will soon.
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