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If you see that your download speed is dropping rapidly, then it means that someone else has connected to your network and is using bandwidth.


  1. Take a look at your router. You need to identify the little lights.
    You need to have 3 of them lit: the power light, the internet connection and wireless lights. If the connection lights are still on after your computer is off, then surely someone else is connected to your wireless network.
  2. If the lights are blinking, don’t worry, you can set them. Power up your main computer. Open your browser and type or It depends on the router. Then you will be able to see the settings window of your router.
  3. Find the Attached Devices menu. Here you will find all the devices that are connected to your computer. You can disconnect them from the network, but not for long.
  4. Now you will need to set up a password for your network. This way you will prevent other users from connecting to your router. Go to your Security or Setup menu and choose WEP Key or WPA-PSK. Now write a password that you won’t forget. For a short moment you will be disconnected from the internet. All you need to do is reconnect. Click on Apply and then on Save.
  5. After you have been disconnected follow the instructions. Double click on the wireless internet from the right lower corner on the task bar. Select the connection and then type the password. Now only you will be able to connect to that network.
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