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What cables will you need to your laptop tv out

What cables will you need to your laptop tv out

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Some time ago I installed Windows Vista on my laptop and it started to have some problems with the TV-output, problem that never occurred on my XP laptop.

The problem

After I have changed dozens of S-Video cables, and after installing many drivers for the video card, I still wasn’t able to watch a movie on my TV.

I’ve searched on many forums and after a while I found that Vista has a problem with the S-video signal.

It doesn’t emit the signal unless it detects the TV, so this was a serious problem.

The solution

The solution can cause some problems, but if you follow the instructions correctly, all will be alright. I really love my laptop and you can trust me that this works.

So, you’ll need a few things. First of all you will need a wire of about 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) and bend it in the shape of letter U. You will need to insert it between the 1 and 3 pins of your TV-out of your laptop (see the image below).

You can use the wire from any cable (see the image below), but you will have to sacrifice that cable.

The wire needs to be thin enough to permit the S-video cable pins to be inserted along it. So I’ve inserted the wire and then restarted my computer. It started the TV automatically.

If you are looking for a long therm solution, you can bend a wire in the shape of the number 8 and fix it to the pins of the S-video cable.

TV-out for Vista! Yey!

So here’s what you will need for the entire operation.

  1. A RCA cable with two ends (number 1). This will connect the SCART adapter to the S-Video and the Audio.
  2. An S-video cable that will be connected to the laptop (number 2).
  3. The SCART+S-Video+Audio adapter (number 3).
  4. A Jack Stereo cable and 2 RCA for the stereo sound (number 4).

So will need to connect them this way: connect the S-Video cable (number 2) to your laptop and to the SCART adapter (number 3); one end of the RCA cable will be connected to the SCART adapter on video and the other end in the yellow nut (see the image bellow); the last cable (number 4) will be connected to the sound nut in the laptop (headsets) and the other end connect it to the red nut (see the image bellow).

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