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Top results for search engines

Top results for search engines


Have you ever considered that you can make a fortune from the internet? That you can build an e-commerce site and strike success?

The following article will present you a few instructions on how you can work on your site’s search engine ranking, so that it will appear on the first page in the search results (keywords represent an important factor for these results).

What you need to know

  1. Don’t be shy! We don’t recommend to spam either. You can use several tricks.
    For example, when you send an email to a certain person who maybe represents an interest to you, make sure that you have a link to your site and a short description of your business, about the services you can provide and the products.
  2. Be present on important sites, like eBay.
    Remember that eBay is a tool that can help you reach your objectives, and your objectives shouldn’t be to sell one product at a time, but have a larger exposure as possible. Even though the rules on eBay do not allow you to post a link to your site, you can add a contact address that will help possible clients to reach you. For each product sold on eBay, you can sell ten times more on your site. It’s important that your email address should contain your domain name (
  3. Build a client database.
    Most of the times your visitors will try and contact you, but they won’t buy a product immediately. Answer their every question and be patient with every client. Use this in your advantage and build a contact list. It will help you when you will want to contact them. They may one day become your clients.

    We are not saying you should tell people not to buy from eBay. This could get you kicked from the site. But once you have signed a contract with a client, the site won’t forbid you to talk to your clients. Just because you sold a product on eBay this doesn’t mean that you should partner with it for life. You need to build a relation between your clients and your company.

  4. Visit forums like AuctionBytes, AuctionWatch, and others. You can write articles and if there are of quality, you can draw some new clients. Make sure you have a personalized signature.
  5. Attract people to your site!
    People won’t visit your site unless they will find something interesting or somethings that will help them or give them an advantage. It’s time to create the information pages. Make sure you answer the questions posted by your visitors. If they will see that you have knowledge in a certain domain, then they will come back to you and ask for assistance. For example: if you’re selling a photo camera and you post an article about different models, about how to use it and you leave a link to your site, people will go to it and try and reach you.
  6. Send the articles with the help of a newsletter to your contact list. The information can be accessed for free, but it will bring you a lot of traffic.
  7. Create a monthly newsletter and send it to people who are interested and that have accepted to receive emails from you. Present interesting and recent information. This will make them come to your site. Invite them to your site and make them ask you questions. You can also give away gifts and prizes and promote your monthly newsletter. You can also add some special offers for your products, but these shouldn’t take more than 10% of the space. You should let them decide if they want to receive the newsletter or not. Encourage them to invite more people.
  8. Maybe you have heard of SEO (Search engine optimization). Optimize your website, because this is one of the most efficient actions that you can do to build your online brand. Using SEO is a lot cheaper than Google Adwords or any other pay-per-click method. You can find hundred of articles on the internet and learn how to optimize your site for search engines. Some of them are free, some are not. But be careful to read only new information.

Online businesses are getting bigger and bigger. You must invest time and increase your online visibility. Make your business a success by selling quality products/services.

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