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Site hosting

Site hosting


Do you have a personal site? Go online and buy a name for your site. And hurry up … they are limited.


  1. Find a site that can register your domain.
    You can also see if your desired site name is available (
  2. Select a hosting company. You can call your internet provider and get hosting, or you can search on the internet for “web hosting”. You will need to pay a small tax to get your site hosted. The company you have chosen will create an email address for you or the site address, and will make the necessary settings.
  3. You can buy the domain of your site either through your hosting company, or from an online registration service. Type all the necessary information in order to buy the domain.
  4. Wait a few days until your domain is processed, and then send it to your hosting company. This will link the domain to your hosted site (
  5. Build your website.
  6. Send the desired email address (example: Tell them to link it to your website.


  • the hosting costs will vary from company to company. Many can host your website for free, but they will post adds (commercials, banners, links) on it.
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