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Move winamp

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For various reasons, our friend Winamp (I think up from version 3) does not keep your settings and media library database in the directory where you installed it. Even if you install it, say, in d: \ Program Files \ Winamp, and it really works in that folder the settings and data them from the library works from partition C. Follow the steps below to make Winamp use the “right path”.

Note: If you have Winamp installed on the C partition, you must uninstall and then reinstall it on the desired partition.

* We assume that the new installation was performed in d: \ Program Files \ Winamp

1. Stop Winamp

2. Open the folder d: \ Program Files \ Winamp

3. Make a new directory called data

4. Right click and Open or edit paths.ini

In paths.ini are two lines:

inidir = {26} \ Winamp

Change {26} \ Winamp with the new location d: \ Program Files \ Winamp \ data and save.

After editing it should look like below:

inidir = d: \ Program Files \ Winamp \ data

5. Now copy the data files from C:

The files are on Windows XP in C: \ Documents and Settings \ YOURUSERNAME\ Application Data \ Winamp

On Windows Vista/ Windows 7 in C: \ Users \ YOURUSERNAME\ AppData \ Roaming \ Winamp

Copy all files from this directory and put them in d: \ Program Files \ Winamp \ data


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