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I will show you how to send a contact detail from your phone with Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, email, etc, to anyone one the internet. Both your phone and your computer must have bluetooth. It doesn’t matter if they have USB adapters or integrated systems.

You can also send contacts using Infrared, but also both of the devices need to have this technology. I will show you how to use the bluetooth feature.

On newer version of Windows there is a pre-installed application that will allow you to transfer files between devices via bluetooth. (We will talk about Windows Vista).

On Windows Vista, the application is named Bluetooth file transfer wizard and to open it you must click on the Start button. Then choose All programs>Accessories and then Bluetooth file transfer wizard. After you have launched the app, click on Next (1 on the image below), after this check Receive file (2 on the image below) and then click Next (3 on the image below) again. If you want to cancel the file transfer, you can click on Cancel (4 on the image below).

Sending files from your phone to your computer

Now open your phone’s phone book and find the contact that you want to send. Once you’ve selected it, choose Options*. From the next menu choose bluetooth. If your bluetooth isn’t activated you will be asked to do that. Once all it’s done, click on Send/Ok. Your computer will notify you if the file has been received. You can rename the file (1 on the image below) and you will be asked to choose a location for the file. Click on Browse (2 on the image below) and then on Next (3 on the image below).

*The option for sending files via Bluetooth can vary from phone to phone.

The file has been received. Click on Finish to close the window.

Open the file and you will see the Summary tab. But you will see that the fields are not editable. Click on Add to my contacts (1 on the image below). Now you can edit the file.

It may happen to have another contact on your computer that is very similar to the new one. In this case Windows Contacts will ask you if you want to update the existing contact. (see the image below)

To send the contact file via email or Messenger you can use the file transfer options from these applications.

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