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Add images to facebook

Add images to facebook


Facebook  offers users the possibility to keep in touch through images. Now it’s more and more popular to upload photos directly from your mobile device. You can do this through the MMS service.


  1. Choose a picture. Access the service that allows you to send MMSs directly from your mobile device. You can also add a text to the image. Write the address in the receiver’s field and send the message.
  2. Remember the confirmation code that you will receive.
  3. Access your Facebook account on your computer or on your mobile device.
  4. Select the Profile menu and choose Create an album from the Photos tab. Click on the Mobile Uploads tab. Here you should be able to find the image from your mobile phone. Another method is to choose Mobile from the Applications menu. A mobile version of the site will be displayed. Find the Mobile Uploads menu. Select Enter confirmation code and type the code that you have received on your phone.
  5. Now you can send as many photos as you want.
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